Best Practice for National Communications - Responsible Use of Sewers: Report on Customer Research

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This project explored the best methods for communicating with customers about the responsible use of drains and sewers and how to improve awarenes of items that are/ are not suitable for flushing. Understanding reasons why misuse of sewers currently occurs, and barriers/ motivations to change, is key to this aim. Research consisted of three stages:
1. Qualitative focus groups with domestic customers and depth interviews with Food Service Establishments provided insight into current behaviours and rationale; motivations/ barriers to change; and views on different information channels.
2. UK representative quantitative survey, provided quantifiable evidence of customer behaviour and attitudes.
3. Campaign testing in a hotspot area determined, through pre and post campaign surverys, whether there was any effect on residents' behaviour/ attitudes.
Results provide guidance on appropriate campaign types, content and style. Benefits to industry of better customer engagement, leading to behaviour change, include reduced costs and improved customer satisfaction.



UKWIR Reference :- 12/CU/02/12Published Date :- 06/06/2012
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