The Links and Benefits of Water and Energy Efficiency Joint Working

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This project was implemented to i) provide the water industry with firm estimates of the energy efficiency and carbon emission reductions associated with household water efficiency measures; and ii) identify how potential barriers to engagement with other stakeholders involved in promoting energy efficiency could be overcome, optimising benefits and minimising risks for all parties. A literature review identified evidence of measured water, energy and carbon savings associated with water efficiency activities. This evidence was used as the basis for modelling energy and carbon savings from retrofits of the most commonly installed water efficiency devices. Results are presented with confidence limits to reflect uncertainty. A stakeholder engagement exercise obtained feedback on the drivers, barriers and solutions associated with delivering joint water and energy efficiency initiatives. A number of specific recommendations are made based on the study findings that will help enable improved joint delivery of energy and water efficiency programmes.



UKWIR Reference :- 12/CL/11/6Published Date :- 20/12/2012
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