Impact of Climate Change on Asset Management Planning

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Climate change has the potential to impact asset performance and hence the levels of service provided by the Water Industry. These impacts may significantly affect the capital maintenance or operational expenditure needed to maintain levels of service, mainly because of assets deteriorating at different rates as the long-term mean climate variables change. This project provides a methodology for assessing these impacts and where possible quantifying them. The methodology consists of a sequence of steps for specific mechanisms and asset types. The key concept is that a series of models is needed to establish serviceability or risk change and estimate the funds needed to restore the previous situation - some of these models exist whilst others have yet to be developed.
The report includes a review of literature and consultation with the industry, description of the methodology, and training using four worked examples. Issues identified during development are discussed in detail.



UKWIR Reference :- 12/CL/01/16Published Date :- 16/04/2012
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