The Performance of Sustainable Wastewater Treatment Works Solutions

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The records of 12 UK water companies were searched for performance data repating to sustainable wastewater treatment technologies, and questionnaires regarding maintenance and compliance were sent to site operators.
Data were received from 79 treatment systems representing 10 water companies. The majority reated to tertiary constructed wetland systems (CWS), which were found to consistently reduce mean concentration of BOD, ammonia and suspended solids, though the final effluent concentration of ammonia often varied widely. Some removal of metals, naturally occurring oestrogens and total nitrogen, was observed, though removal of phosphorus and the synthetic oestrogen EE2 was not evident. Performance of primary and secondary treatment CWS, partially aerated logoons, tertiary lagoons and grass plots was also discussed.
The level of maintenance was investigated. Around half of the tertiary CWS in the study were found to have required the media to be replaced, at a mean age of 8 years.



UKWIR Reference :- 11/WW/04/16Published Date :- 04/04/2011
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