Best Practice for the Derivation of Cost Curves in Economic Level of Leakage Analysis

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Cost curves are required in economic level of leakage analysis to relate the total or marginal cost of leakage control to the level of leakage. This report reviews current methods for deriving cost curves and identifies changes that can be made to improve their robustness and accuracy. Issues such as the level of uncertainty, leakage control efficiency and impact of seasonal variations are also considered. The report identifies best practice for elements of current methods where this can be established and challenges current assumptions otherwise. The interactions with, and dependence on, other elements of the ELL calculation are noted: these include policy minimum, natural rate of rise and the cost of repairs. The report also provides direction for further method development aimed at improving cost curve derivation in a manner consistent with operational practice and investment strategy.



UKWIR Reference :- 11/WM/08/46Published Date :- 22/11/2011
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