Long Term Leakage Goals

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Leakage targets in the UK water industry are meant to achieve the leakage level that produces the lowest overall cost for society. However there is inherent uncertainty about what these should be in the medium term (5 years) and even more so in the long term (25 years). This project aimed to assess what leakage level could be achieved in the long term, the actions required, technical constraints, critical factors, uncertainties and costs.
The work was carried out using two models of leakage processes, both calibrated to conditions in a typical UK water undertaking and based on real costs of leakage reduction. Projections were made for a range of strategies (including pressure management, active leakage control and renewal); asset deterioration rates and future operating conditions.
This report will be useful for water resource planning, leakage reduction strategies, leakage economics and to understand the impact of leakage reduction on customer's bills in the long term.



UKWIR Reference :- 11/WM/08/44Published Date :- 21/03/2011
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