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Determining Energy Yield from Various Co-digestible Wastes

WaSCs are currently uncertain about how to progress co-digestion schemes because of doubts over waste availability, gas yield and allowable business models.
This work screened a large number of potential organic wastes and then carried out a more detailed laboratory study on the digestibility of animal by-product residues, fat-trap materials, food wastes and green wastes. The results are presented in the report.
A competitive 'market' is developing for organic wastes and any gate fee available will vary both geographically and in the nature of the waste involved. Co-digestion making use of existing assets has the potential to provide a low capital cost, environmentally sound recycling route.
Ofwat is currently developing its policy on co-digestion and similar achemes and WaSCs need, for now, to discuss options for individual schemes with the regulator. These potential options are discussed in the report.



UKWIR Reference  11/SL/13/4Published Date 25/07/2011
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