Research and Innovation in the UK Water Industry

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This project was commissioned following the reports of external reviews concluding that the UK's water industry should innovate more. Innovation is seen as an economic good and the source of productivity growth, bringing benefits to customers and the environment by enabling the industry to meet the challenges it faces, whilst reducing the need for increases in customer bills. The reviews identified ways of improving the innovative capacity and performance of the sector, including changes to regulatory incentive mechanisms, additional specific funding for innovation and increased research collaboration. The project assessed these issues and options for change by reference to experience in the UK water sector, in other countries and in other regulated and not regulated sectors. Evidence was drawn from recent reviews, other literature and extensive engagement with stakeholders. The report makes recommendations which aim to foster a new and practicable solutions-focussed approach to enhancing innovation in the sector.



UKWIR Reference :- 11/RG/10/5Published Date :- 09/02/2011
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