Barriers to 100% Compliance, or Is It Achievable?

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There is an expectation from the quality regulator that water companies should be capable of achieving full (100%) compliance with the drinking water quality standards. Constraints that prevent companies achieving full compliance include: the condition of customers' plumbing, external factors(eg extreme weather), human error and technical limitations. It is reasonable to expect a company to achieve full compliance with those standards that can be directly controlled by good operational practice. However, full compliance cannot be guaranteed, regardles of the effort and cost expended, since certain external causes of contraventions are beyond the control of the water company. Moreover, fractional and incremental improvements in compliance are evermore costly, increase energy and chemical consumption and may deliver only limited health benefits. Ultimately, compliance is a quality assurance scheme and conformance by itself is not a guarantee; it is one of a number of measures to protect public health that are embodied in water company risk assessments.



UKWIR Reference :- 11/RG/07/21Published Date :- 15/08/2011
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