Economic Level of Service for Sewer Blockages

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Over 160,000 sewer blockages are reported each year in England & Wales; or about 0.5 blockages per kilometre of sewer per year. These lead to a wide range of service failures including property flooding and pollution. About 75% of the blockage management activity is in reaction to failures, although the amount of proactive work to prevent blockages has increased in recent years.
This report provides guidance in recommended reactive and proactive approaches to blockage management including newly emerging techniques. Improved reactive blockage management techniques include better blockage clearance tools and technologies for inspecting the sewer after clearance to identify residual problems. Innovative proactive techniques include programmes of regular cleansing, level monitors and automatic flushing devices. There is also a strong role for Network Protection Officers to discourage the discharge of material that can cause blockages.
The project outputs include a strategic optimisation tool (BELS) that can be used to identify how to achieve either the least cost to the company to achieve a target level of service or the best value level of service considering costs to the company, customers and other stakeholders.



UKWIR Reference :- 10/WW/21/14Published Date :- 01/09/2010
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