Leakage from PE Pipe Systems

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Polyethylene is now the preferred material for both new and rehabilitated distribution mains. There has been growing concern, however, surrounding PE pipe joint integrity. This UKWIR project was therefore initiated to quantify the scale of potential leakage problems on existing PE systems and drive improved design and construction methods for installing PE pipe.
As electrofusion joints have been found to be significantly more likely to fail than butt fusion and mechanical joints, this is where the focus of the project has been directed. Analysis of failure data and destructive electrofusion joint test records suggest that 20 percent of electrofusion joints will have a life span considerably less than the 50 year design life.
Recommendations from the project include: making changes to current standards for PE pipe installation; improved data capture, training and licensing of welders, and testing during installation; and the need to overcome issues associated with coiled pipes.



UKWIR Reference :- 10/WM/08/43Published Date :- 09/12/2010
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