Managing Leakage 2011

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There are two versions of this report available. This version of the report includes seven reports on Managing Leakage, an executive summary, glossary and list of references.

The full priced version "Managing Leakage 2011 – References Included" also includes 20 original UKWIR reports on CD at a significantly discounted price compared to when buying the reports individually.

The original 'Managing Leakage' was published in 1994 by WRc in co-operation with the Water Services Association and the Water Companies Association. It fast became the definitive reference document for leakage control, not just in the UK but throughout the world, with the methodologies recommended in the document identified as best practice.

Since then, research and practice in leakage management has continued to develop with over thirty reports published by UKWIR alone on the subject and related topics. Although much of the original document is still relevant, more recent research has added to the knowledge in some areas, such as leakage economics, pressure management, asset management and leakage location technology.

Managing Leakage 2011 includes those parts of the original document which are still relevant but also more recent studies and developments with over 100 documents referred to and listed. In order to facilitate the use of the document, it has been produced in an electronic format.



UKWIR Reference :- 10/WM/08/42Published Date :- 21/09/2011
Retail Price (£) :- 550ISBN :- 1 84057 563 8


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