21st Century Distribution Networks

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The water industry, in contrast with other utilities, has a significant number of very long-life assets. This project looks at drivers which will affect the design of distribution systems over the next 70 years as this represents a period of time over which a radically different water distribution system could evolve.
A 'scenario planning' approach is used with a range of alternative futures considered; each of these futures requires differing responses in order to ensure a sustainable water distribution service is delivered. Importantly, through direct discussions and project workshops, the major stakeholders in the water sector helped shape the outputs of the project. The result is a 'wide ranging' review of the water distribution service to help the industry focus on standards, operational approaches, technologies and structures which may be required to meet the challenges arising over the next 70 years. Short, medium and long term issues have been considered with recommendations for research.



UKWIR Reference :- 10/WM/04/6Published Date :- 17/02/2010
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