Reduced Flow Devices - Impact and Use in the Household Sector

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Household water debt has risen by over 50% in the last five years adding around £12 to the annual bills of paying customers. This is partly due to a hard core of debtors who continue to evade payment, despite best efforts to recover money from them. Water debt is considerably higher than in the energy sector, where  there are other incentives for customers to pay their bills.
Reduced Flow Devices (RFDs) have the potential to limit the flow of water to individual households. They have been used in other countries as a debt management tool but are currently not permitted under UK legislation. This report examines whether there are any fundamental barriers to the potential use of RFDs in the UK. It looks at the technology available; reviews the worldwide experiences in the use of RFDs; examines the potential public health and hygiene concerns, and propoese principles and guidelines that should be adopted if RFDs were to be permitted in the UK.



UKWIR Reference :- 10/CU/02/7Published Date :- 27/10/2010
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