A Review of the Case for More Intelligent Water Metering

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Water metering and communications technology have developed significantly over recent years and may offer an important option for addressing supply-demand pressures, whilst meeting expectations for efficient and high quality customer service.
This report has been developed against a backdrop of the planned roll-out of 'smart' metering for domestic energy customers in Great Britain by the end of 2020. Without a similar national mandate for water industry smart metering, companies must develop policies appropriate to their specific situation and the expectations of customers and other stakeholders.
Extensive consultation with water companies, regulators and other stakeholders has resulted in a comprehensive review of current experience and future potential for more intelligent water metering, tariffs and related customer service technology.
The insights gained have been distilled into a simple but comprehensive, cost benefit assessment framework, which can assist in the evaluation of policy options.



UKWIR Reference :- 10/CU/02/6Published Date :- 13/04/2010
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 A Review of the Case for More Intelligent Water Metering