Billing and Operational Services - Preferred Customer Communication Channels

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Thie project examined the way that water companies communicate with their customers regarding water and sewerage services and charges, and included a review of alternative channels made possible by new technology. It aimed to provide the industry with up to date information to enable sound strategic choices on appropriate methods of communicating with customers to be made, with the scope encompassing both operational and bill-related interactions.
The report sets out the conclusions and recommendations based on the study findings from the various research elements. Both qualitative and quantitative methodologies were utilised including: desk research; 17 telephone depth interviews, and; quantitative telephone surveys of 1000 consumers and 200 businesses.
The findings represent a snapshot of customer attitudes at this moment in time with the understanding that they will not necessarily hold the same views in five to ten years time when further technological advances will have been made.



UKWIR Reference :- 10/CU/01/5Published Date :- 06/01/2011
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