Maximising the Value of Biogas: Volume 1 - Summary Report

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Biogas is often used by the UK Water Industry in combined heat nad power plants. However, advances in technologies for biogas production, treatment and use, combined with new financial incentives for different forms of renewable energy, may make alternative uses of biogas more attractive. Optimisation of biogas production and uses will also help the water industry mitigate its climate change impacts.
This study appraises the costs and benefits of current and potential uses for biogas, including combustion in CHP plants, conversion to biomethane (for use as a vehicle fuel or injection into the national gas grid), conversion to hydrogen and use in fuel cells. The study also reviews options for increasing the quantity and quality of biogas produced by the anaerobic digestion of sewage sludge. Finally, the study reviews the policy, regulatory and economic constraints and opportunities associated with each potential use.
The study analysis and findings are presented in two volumes: a Summary Report and a more detailed Technical Report. Presentation slides summarising the study findings are also provided.
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UKWIR Reference :- 09/WW/05/4Published Date :- 09/07/2009
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Supporting Material and Reports

Maximising the Value of Biogas: Volume 2 - Technical Report