Estimating the Water Savings for Baseline Water Efficiency Activities

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This project produced a method to estimate the amount of water saved as a result of behavioural based (soft) water efficiency activities, allowing the value of these activities to be recognised and traded against the companies' water efficiency targets.
The top 8 behavioural based activities carried out by water companies in the UK were identified. For each of these, a method was developed to estimate the water saved using: the numbers of consumers engaged, the potential water savings arising from the change in behaviour and the level of engagement for behaviour change.
Evidence in some areas is weak or does not exist, therefore the method allows water companies to produce the 'best estimate' in an objective and consistent way. The assumptions or estimates are clearly stated so that they are open to scrutiny and challenge, and as more evidence becomes available, they can be improved or replaced by better data.



UKWIR Reference :- 09/WR/25/4Published Date :- 13/01/2010
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 Estimating the Water Savings for Baseline Water Efficiency Activities