Smart Sensors for Buried Utility Location and Performance Monitoring

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The Smart Pipes project was initiated in order to start developing pipes which could provide information about their performance, so called 'smart pipes'. Research was conducted at the University of Birmingham between 2006 and 2009 and aimed to prove the concept of a remotely-interrogated 'smart' water pipe. Large numbers of small sensors (or sensor circuits) are incorporated into (or near to) the pipe and associated communication systems are deployed in order to montor the condition or status of the pipe and /or its contents. The project culminates in the design, assembly and burial of a 'smart' pipe demonstration unit, comprising a length of standard water pipe, with sensors and a Smart Server prototype positioned along its length. The Smart Server transmitted the sensor signals to the surface-level monitoring equipment, whereupon the expected responses were obtained to changing conditions, eg temperature, force and acceleration.



UKWIR Reference :- 09/WM/12/26Published Date :- 10/11/2009
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