Factors Affecting the Natural Rate of Rise of Leakage

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 The natural rate of rise (NRR) in leakage relates to the underlying rate at which leakage increases within a system. This report examines the relationship between NRR, calculated using the UKWIR best practice methodology, and a range of network characteristics for 6 Water Service Providers (WSPs). Predictive funtions have been developed which estimate NRR at DMA level in response to variations in key chacteristics. Generic funtions can be applied or calibrated to WSPs to estimate future changes in NRR due to ageing, pressure management, mains renewal, DMA size, and network disruption. Functions can be used for 'gap filling' where calculation of DMA NRR has not been possible, and to integrate ALC, pressure management, and infrastructure renewal within leakage economic modelling. in addition a field study undertaken within 3 WSPs measures flow rates for a range of leak types over a 24 week period to assess the degree to which leaks grow.



UKWIR Reference :- 09/WM/08/40Published Date :- 30/04/2009
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