Large Diameter Trunk Main Failures

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The failure of large diameter trunk mains, though rare, can be highly disruptive to both Water Company and the general public. Failures can have major consequences in terms of public safety, damage to property and interruptions to supply.
This project brings together knowledge and experience from across the UK to gain insights into the possible causes of failure in trunk mains. It has investigated historic trunk mains failure data from UK water companies and identified deficiencies in data quantity and quality. The project has focussed on pooling data from 13 water companies to support a statistical methodology for predicting trunk main failures. A modelling tool has been developed to support effective capital maintenance planning in the long term.
In addition, an accompanying data protocol has been produced, which, if adopted by the industry, will lead to better understanding and more robust modelling of trunk mains failures in the future.



UKWIR Reference :- 09/WM/08/39Published Date :- 25/03/2009
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