Chlorine Usage, Availability and Trends

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Questions over the availability and cost of chlorine, and its acceptability in relation to Health and Safety, environmental, customer, and by-product concerns, led to the need to consider alternatives for water treatment in the UK in the medium to long term. This work has quantified the dependency of the UK water industry on chlorine, and has assessed the likelihood of increased cost or reduced availability of chlorine in the near future. There is no indication that environmental, customer or by-product issues will reduce the acceptability of chlorine, nor is there a widespread policy among water companies for a move away from chlorine gas because of Health and Safety implications. Alternatives to chlorine for disinfection would increase the costs considerably, and in some cases the enegy use and greenhouse gas emissions would also be greatly increased.



UKWIR Reference :- 09/DW/13/1Published Date :- 13/10/2009
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