Future Methods of Charging for the Water Industry

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This study was undertaken in collaboration with representatives from the water companies, DEFRA, Ofwat and CCWater. The methodological approaches and analysis developed for this study were also subject to peer review.
The aim of the study was to estimate the household bill and debt implications (for water companies) of alternative charging methods for water and sewerage services in England and Wales. As well as presenting analysis of a range of alternative approaches to unmetered and metered charging (20 in total), the study has developed a spreadsheet based modelling tool for each water company. This will allow on-going analysis of a range of charging methods. Access to the Family Resources Survey has facilitated the development of these tariff modelling tools.
The report provides details on the methodologies used to underpin the tariff modelling tools in the areas of household socio-economic and demographic characteristics, household water demand, household optional metering and household debt related to water. The report also presents findings and analysis of the main unmetered and metered tariff options considered during the project.



UKWIR Reference :- 09/CU/02/5Published Date :- 23/03/2009
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