Carbon Accounting in the Water Industry: Non-CO2 Emissions

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In 2004, UKWIR developed a workbook to support a standardised approach to the quantification of GHG emissions arising from operational activities of UK water companies. Developing the workbook involved selecting GHG estimation methodologies and Emission Factors (EFs). In doing so, it was noted that estimates of non-CO2 emissions were subject to high levels of uncertainty.
This report identities that EFs associated with methane (CH4) and nitrous oxide (N2O) emissions from wastewater and sludge management dominate the overall uncertainty and true values might be up to 3 times higher or lower than the estimate.
It also examines experimental work that is currently ongoing in this field, and estimates the cost of additional experimental work to produce better methodologies/EFs for the most important remaining sources of uncertainty; those research programmes could cost up to £250,000.
The project has identified new EFs relating to sludge which will improve accounting and has highlighted how downstream emissions might be better accommodated. Some changes to the CAW are recommended and these have been implemented in the latest version, Report Ref No 09/CL/01/9.



UKWIR Reference :- 09/CL/01/10Published Date :- 10/06/2009
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