Best Practice for Flow Data Flagging

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Water companies are required to measure, and report to the Environment Agency, the volumes of effluent discharged from wastewater treatment works. This data is used for assessment of compliance with consent limits and broader catchment management. As well as the numerical data, the Agency has stipulated that flags relating to the quality of that data should also be reported. This project was commissioned by UKWIR, and supported by the Agency, to assist with the development of rules for flagging and reporting flow data. The report sets out a robust , practical methodology for flagging flow data that is acceptable to the Agency and ensures that data are reported to a satisfactory level of quality. It starts from the premise that water companies are collecting 15-minute data for this application, though it is acknowledged that this is not always the case and the implicatiosn of other approaches are discussed. The project also provides an understanding of how incomplete flow information affects the calculation of daily flow values and reported statistics, such as dry weather flow.



UKWIR Reference :- 08/WW/21/10Published Date :- 28/02/2008
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