A Framework for Cost Benefit Analysis in Odour Control Projects

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The report sets out a framework for undertaking cost benefit analysis of odour abatement measures at waste water treatment works. It describes different research approaches for valuing the user benefits of odour abatement, based on research at six case studies sites in England. Benefits were assessed through stated preference techniques (both willingness to pay and willingness to accept formats), and a revealed preference assessment based on house price values. The reduction in odour emissions at each of the sites was predicted using odour dispersion modelling techniques. The report sets out a recommended method for undertaking cost benefit analysis, using a willingness to pay approach, which was the only method to produce a statistically reliable valuation of benefit. A worked example is provided, along with other recommendations on further development of analytical techniques in this area.



UKWIR Reference :- 08/WW/13/9Published Date :- 17/11/2008
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