National Underground Assets Group: Defining the Technological Capability Necessary for Sharing and Displaying Asset Information - User Requirements

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This report sets out the validated User Requirements for Sharing and Displaying Asset Information through a web-based service as part of the proposed NUAG Approach. It has been produced by the National Underground Assets Group (NUAG), an organisation representing all key stakeholder groups, including appropriate Government departments, and is based on an extensive Focus Group exercise involving experts representing utility, highway, contractor and surveyor organisations.
The NUAG Approach, described in the NUAG Report: A national approach for capturing, recording and sharing underground asset information (07/WM/12/19), forms the basis of a national high-level framework to deliver a set of minimum performance standards, all based on identified stakeholder requirements described in the NUAG Report: Capturing, recording, storing and sharing underground asset information, A review of current practice and future requirements (06/WM/12/13).



UKWIR Reference :- 08/WM/12/23Published Date :- 01/09/2008
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