Minimising Street Works Disruption: Data Integration and Display - Mapping the Underworld Seminar April 17th 2007

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Mapping The Underworld is an EPSRC funded programme consisting of 4 projects and a dissemination network, which was originally initiated by UKWIR under the 'Minimising Street Works Disruption' programme. The dissemination network was set up with the intention of holding workshops every 6 months to disseminate the output from the research programme and identify directions for future research. The third workshop was held in April 2007 and focussed on the work done in one of the projects and the related DTI funded 'VISTA' project. This work is investigating ways to integrate the wide variety of utilities' data and display it in a readily understandable format. The report gives details of the presentations and subsequent discussions from that workshop.



UKWIR Reference :- 08/WM/12/22Published Date :- 25/02/2008
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