Leakage in Trunk Mains and Service Reservoirs

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Distribution leakage has long been a focus for the UK water industry but as this element has been successfully reduced over recent years, other elements such as leakage from trunk mains and service reservoirs are assumed to be increasing their relative proportion of water loss. Consequently they are becoming an increasingly important and visible component of the water balance.
This report identifies the range of techniques in use across the UK water industry to quantify, locate and pinpoint leakage from trunk mains and service reservoirs. The report provides guidance on the effectiveness and appropriateness of different practices with respect to estimating and controlling leakage from trunk mains and service reservoirs and aims to provide companies with more information to help them deploy limited resources with more precision and effectiveness.



UKWIR Reference :- 08/WM/08/38Published Date :- 29/10/2008
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