Separation of Customers Night Use from Leakage in Night Flow Analysis

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There is an increasing expectation that the district metered area (DMA) will provide a reliable measure of leakage for operational purposes. However, issues with DMAs are becoming increasingly apparent as DMA sizes decrease, leakage reduces and analysis is attempted over shorter time intervals.
To meet these expectations greater understanding is required of the nature of the flow components in a DMA to improve the separation of leakage and night use. The project develops further this understanding and provides an alternative methodology which accounts for the characteristics of predominantly household DMAs while also exploiting the potential in using recording intervals shorter than the 15-minutes conventionally used.
The methodology provides a sound basis for further development to account for more complex DMA configuration and composition (including non-households) beyond those DMAs already accommodated. Implementation in practice requires only minor changes to data loggers and receiving systems.



UKWIR Reference :- 08/WM/08/37 Published Date :- 30/01/2008
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