National Sewers and Water Mains Failure Database

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This report describes the development of a common infrastructure to support a National Sewers Failure Database and a National Water Mains Failure Database accessible to UKWIR members via a dedicated website. The water mains failure database described in Reports 03/RG/05/7 and 06/RG/05/16 has been updated and migrated to a new platform, providing greater flexibility of reporting and analysis. A new compilation tool is described which enables water companies to validate and upload data in a common format. An overview of the features of the Database is given, with examples of typical reports that can be generated. The report is accompanied by a CD-ROM which includes the Protocol documents that define the data requirements for the database. NB THE DATABASE IS AVAILABLE ONLY TO UKWIR SUBSCRIBERS VIA A SECURE WEB SERVICE.



UKWIR Reference :- 08/RG/05/26Published Date :- 21/01/2009
Retail Price (£) :- 300ISBN :- 1 84057 522 0


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