Tool for Risk Management of Water Utility Assets

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The project has developed a methodology to enable Global Water Research Coalition (GWRC) members to apply risk management techniques to the management of assets for service provision, in both water supply and wastewater treatment.
A literature review identified the current practice and level of application of risk-based planning techniques in the GWRC member states, covering water and other asset management sectors. A stepped approach was then elaborated in guidelines to help water utilities identify risks and potential mitigation options in a consistent manner across all areas of the utility's asset management activity. A spreadsheet tool was produced to exemplify these guidelines.
The methodology is designed for application to different types of assets under a wide range of risk scenarios and within the differing cultures and stakeholder environments of the member countries. It will help water utilities to manage risks at both a strategic level and in day-to-day asset management, taking into account the regulatory regime within which the utilities operate, the level of service that is currently provided, the typical expenditure and means of finance, and the rate of deterioration of the asset base. Factors such as design; operation and maintenance risks; costs and benefits, sufficiency of supply; handling high consequence-low probability risks; corporate and reputational impacts; and the effect of uncertainty in forecasting, can be accommodated.



UKWIR Reference :- 08/RG/05/25Published Date :- 20/08/2008
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