Health Impact Assessment of Water Management Options: Generic Guidance Note

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This work was conducted as part of the 'Water Cycle for New Developments' (WaND) project, funded under the EPSRC 'Sustainable Urban Environment' Programme by the UK government and industrial collaborators.

In some cases. new water technologies have produced unintended consequences including adverse health impacts. For example, the creation of disease vector habitats in tropical impoundments intended for hydroelectrical power generation and irrigation. Health impact assessment (HIA) provides a logical framework for considering and evaluating potential health impacts and suggesting possible mitigation strategies before new technology is introduced; minimising public opposition and maximising adoption and effectiveness. This document provides guidance on how to conduct desk-based health impact assessments of water management options, with a view to comparing the results with selected risk reference levels and determining overall acceptability (in terms of health). It outlines the HIA procedure and provides a checklist of questions and background data to enable the user to perform their own assessment, using case study examples to illustrate the process.



UKWIR Reference :- 08/EQ/02/1Published Date :- 19/02/2008
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 Health Impact Assessment of Water Management Options: Generic Guidance Note CD-ROM