Integrating DOMS & Drinking Water Safety Plans

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This project considered the integration of water company Distribution Operation and Maintenance Strategies (DOMS), Drinking Water Safety Plans (DWSPs) and analysis within the context of the Capital Maintenance Planning Common Framework (CMPCF).
The project focused on providing guidance to companies on how they could address the integration of DOMS and DWSPs within their Draft and Final Business Plans by way of a Technical Note and a training and discussion workshop. In addition, the project team carried out interviews with six companies to explore the approaches to the three processes taken by the water industry.
The project also aimed to provide guidance to companies on longer term integration issues. Several recommendations were put forward for consideration by individual companies as potential steps towards integration. A principal output of this report was the proposal for an integrated process encompassing DOMS, DWSPs and CMPCF.



UKWIR Reference :- 08/DW/02/52Published Date :- 29/10/2008
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