Drinking Water Safety Plans - Risk Based Approach

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This project has assessed the progress made with DWSPs by the UK water companies, the approaches taken to risk assessment and any strengths, weaknesses or issues with the DWSP process. An evaluation of how DWSPs integrate with and support the 2009 Periodic Review (PR09) process was carried out. The project has provided a clear view of progress made by the industry with the developemnt of DWSPs. The situation has been given additional urgency by the new regulatory requirements and the need for risk assessments for every water treatment works and water supply system to be completed by October 2008.
The evaluation of the DWSPs through the use of assessment criteria and categories has provided compamies with valuable feedback on their approaches to their DWSPs, particularly with regard to risk assessment where a wide range of approaches have been taken.



UKWIR Reference :- 08/DW/02/48Published Date :- 16/07/2008
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