Climate Change - A Programme of Research for the UK Water Industry: Volume 1 - Summary Report

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This report provides a first climate-related snapshot looking across the UK water industry and out to 2100. It identifies where significant uncertainties in the climate science remain, the nature and extent of impact and business risks, adaptation options, and where there are critical knowledge gaps and capactiy within the industry.
A long term, integrated, forward looking programme of climate change research needs is recommended that will allow the industry to put in place a sustrainable response to adapting to climate change and for the industry to develop a 'one voice' approach that will underpin the development of strategies by individaul companies.
The report is in two volumes: this summary report (Volume 1) of the issues and the proposed programme of research needed to meet those issues; and a detailed technical report (Volume 2) which is attached to Volume 1 on CD-ROM.



UKWIR Reference :- 08/CL/01/7Published Date :- 22/10/2008
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