Economic Assessment of Management Options for WwTW Wastes

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Sewer grit and sewage screenings are generated in the preliminary stages of wastewater treatment, and most of this waste is currently landfilled. Increases in landfill disposal charges, the imposition of the landfill tax and the reduction in void space have made landfill disposal increasingly expensive. This project identified the costs and main feasibility issues associated with alternative disposal options. It quantifies the mass of grit and screenings produced by the UK water industry currently and the costs of disposal. It is intended to inform water industry members of the threats to continued landfill and to assist them in planning to respond proactively to those drivers. This is principally achieved through the assessment of alternative options and the economic assessment, delivered in the format of a worksheet model designed to be adapted and tailored by individual water companies. This report will aid the water industry in the forthcoming PR09 planning process.



UKWIR Reference :- 07/WW/06/6Published Date :- 22/08/2007
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