Strategic Environmental Assessment - Guidance for Water Resources Management Plans and Drought Plans

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Water resources management plans (WRMP) and drought plans (DP) may require strategic environmental assessment under the SEA Directive. 'Best Practice' guidance was produced, firstly to determine this requirement, and secondly, how best to implement it.
A methodology, adaptable to different water company approaches, was developed to integrate SEA into WRMP/DP formulation. Environmental and social criteria were derived for the SEA from a review of baseline data and relevant planning and policy documents, and used to assess WRMP schemes, WRMP programmes and DP options alongside existing assessment methods based on cost (eg AIC/AISC). Cumulative effects were considered as required by the Directive, and worked examples of SEA applications were provided. The importance of providing a detailed explanatory commentary alongside the assessment results to achieve transparency and accountability was emphasised.



UKWIR Reference :- 07/WR/02/5Published Date :- 19/11/2007
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