Drought and Demand: Scoping Study Investigating Drought Effects on Water Quality in Distribution

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The project involved a short desk-based study to examine the potential effects that drought may have on water quality in the distribution system. It attempted to identify the consequences for water availability, costs and quality at the customers' tap. The project did not examine supplies or potential treatment issues.

The water companies and other key stakeholders were asked to report on any issues relating to the effects of the drought on water quality within distribution systems. There were concerns over the effects of using standpipes or introducing rota cuts, but the chances of these being required were considered to be very remote.

The findings of this study suggest that there were no significant issues experienced or expected with water quality in the distribution system as a result of the 2004-06 drought or the short term responses to it.



UKWIR Reference :- 07/WR/02/4Published Date :- 27/06/2007
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