Integrated Network Management Roadmap

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Water companies have long recognised that a more integrated approach to the management of distribution system functions could be beneficial but also that in practice it can be difficult to present the business case for integration initiatives.
This report provides a framework for water companies to consider Integrated Network Management (INM) approaches within water distribution network management. 
The framework provides the context in which INM should be considered through definitions, objectives and scope of INM with a common set of principles and components.  The remaining framework deliverables (a "Maturity Scale" and "Routefinder") allow companies to identify "Development Pathways" (DPs) towards INM best practice. Companies can develop their own DPs using the framework, and twelve key DPs are provided as appendices. The DPs indicate a vision for future INM practice and identify areas of further research.



UKWIR Reference :- 07/WM/18/4Published Date :- 20/06/2007
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