A Road Map of Strategic R&D Needs to 2030

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Theme specific road maps provide a new shared vision: a framework that can give direction to the supply chain and the research community that will deliver solutions for the water utilities medium and long term needs.  The maps (underground assets, sustainable leakage, intelligent customer metering, energy efficiency, and chemical free treatment) address key issues facing the water sector. They are not the only issues but the format provides a good model for future mapping.

Mapping capital and operational spend by the water sector against the UKWIR strategic matrix provides a strategic overview of how the industry has responded to historic regulatory drivers and how it might respond to future drivers.  A coherent view of the water sectors research needs will ensure that research and development is better targeted to meet those needs. The road maps provide clear guidance for the investment required. The long-term maps will inform the 25-year view that water and wastewater companies are developing for submission to the regulators. Clearly defined benefits will support the business case for increased investment in research and innovation.



UKWIR Reference :- 07/RG/10/3Published Date :- 20/08/2007
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