Review of Water Mains Serviceability Indicators and Condition Grading: Volume I -  Serviceability Indicators

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This report presents the results of a review of potential new serviceability measures for focussing of investment in water distribution assets. The work carried out involved a review of current practice by water companies and other UK utility industries, consultation with UK water industry regulators and trials and subsequent analysis of selected new measures.

Three indicators were chosen to be the subject of industry trials: property-minutes of interruption; traffic disruption; and customer complaints. A further trial was conducted in relation to spatial methodologies.

A number of recommendations are made based on the outcome of the trials including that companies should carry out further testing of the property-minutes of interruption indicator in order to confirm the practicability of application and a list provided of indicators recommended for companies' internal use.



UKWIR Reference :- 07/RG/05/21Published Date :- 17/12/2007
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