Scoping Study on the Implications of Bacterial Pathogen Associations with Protozoa in Drinking Water

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This review has briefly assessed the health risks associated with the relationship between bacterial pathogens and protozoa in water supplies. It appears that the protozoan host may protect these bacteria from disinfection during water treatment. The number of reported associations is increasing, with the most commonly reported being that between Legionella pneumophila, and several types of protozoa.

Biofilms appear to be the natural habitat for many of these protozoa. Evidence, so far only from laboratory studies, indicates that some bacterial pathogens are able to multiply within protozoa. This may give rise to elevated numbers of bacteria on lysis of the host. Faecal indicator bacteria do not appear to form such relationships, and so compliance monitoring should be unaffected.

This review indicates that these relationships are extremely unlikely to be the cause of water associated outbreaks of illness. However, their role in causing sporadic illness requires further investigation.



UKWIR Reference :- 07/DW/02/46Published Date :- 16/10/2007
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