Preparation for a New Bathing Water Directive: Costing the Second Reading Amendments of the Proposed Revisions to the Bathing Water Directive

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A study into the potential costs of the new Bathing Waters Directive was undertaken in 2003. Following progress with the new Directive, standards have been clarified, and as such a further study was required to understand the cost implications of the final version of the Directive. 
The 2003 methdology was used, employing the Integrated Cost Estimate (ICE) costing model to predict potential costs associated with managing intermittent (wet weather) discharges.  Assumptions were made regarding continuous discharges, telemetry requirements and operational expenditure. 
Additional Bathing Water sampling data was integated into the study. 
The study delivered a range of potential costs, dependent on the standard to be achieved (Excellent, Good or Sufficient) and the delivery strategy (Spill Frequency or Risk Based Environmental Quality approach). 
This report discusses the approach, methdology and results, and presents conclusions and recommendations based on the findings.



UKWIR Reference :- 06/WW/11/10Published Date :- 28/03/2006
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