National CSO Test Facility Wigan WWTW: CSO Screen Efficiency 1997 - 2005

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The report describes a comparative performance analysis of over 30 proprietary CSO / Overflow Screens tested in either a side weir CSO chamber, an extended stilling pond chamber or as stand-alone devices at the National CSO Test Facility, Wigan Wastewater Treatment Works.

Performance evaluations were made to assess the process efficiency of each screen, expressed as 'screenings retention value', at a series of inflow magnitudes and ratios of continuation flow to inflow.

The report gives a  technical description of each screen together with full test results and offers a comparison of equipment performance covering the various generic types of CSO screen currently available.



UKWIR Reference :- 06/WW/08/14Published Date :- 15/05/2006
Retail Price (£) :- 32ISBN :- 1 84057 404 6