DOMS - What Can We Learn? Research Report

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Existing water company Distribution Operation and Maintenance Strategies (DOMS) have been reviewed in order to identify current best practice and highlight areas where further development would be beneficial.

Research has been undertaken covering: 

  • the effect of mains bursts on iron concentrations and customer contacts regarding discolouration
  • the benefits of interventions such as systematic flushing and mains rehabilitation 
  • the design of cost-effective monitoring programmes
  • the quantification of costs associated with water quality service failures and capital and operational interventions.

A DOMS Guidance Manual (published separately) has been prepared providing comprehensive guidance on the development of a DOMS, addressing gaps or deficiencies in current practice. This Guidance Manual has been tested by water companies and modified as necessary to take account of practical findings and feedback.



UKWIR Reference :- 06/WM/18/3Published Date :- 23/11/2006
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