Barriers to Innovation in the UK Water Industry

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The project explores enablers and barriers to innovation within the UK water industry, focusing on the application of new technological products and processes. Ten innovation cases are researched involving interviews, opinions and evidence from over 100 stakeholders, representing 54 unique organisations. Regulatory (systemic) and non-regulatory (market) influences upon success or failure are determined and relevant data, literature, reports and policy materials are reviewed. Within the limits of the evidence the project concludes there is misalignment of expectations between the supply-chain, the water companies, the regulators and government which is limiting the sector's ability to fully exploit its capacity for technological innovation to sustainably meet the future needs and challenges of UK and world markets. The project suggests that a collaborative innovation strategy for the industry should be developed with all key stakeholders.



UKWIR Reference :- 06/RG/10/1Published Date :- 18/10/2006
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