A Briefing on Microorganisms and Drinking Water Supplies - A Review of the Literature 2005-2006

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This review of the literature for 2005-2006, reveals, as in previous years, that there are no immediate or foreseeable threats to the safety of drinking water supplies in the UK.

The review recommends that the microbiological topics of most immediate, operation importance are:

  • The efficacy of UV disinfection as an effective barrier to Cryptosporidium
  • The potential microbiological challenges of using poorer quality source waters for drinking water supplies during droughts.

Some potential threats were identified, and in depth reviews of these should be considered, such as the growing evidence of associations between bacterial pathogens of concern and protozoa. These relationships could allow pathogens to survive water disinfection and enter supply.



UKWIR Reference :- 06/DW/02/42Published Date :- 13/09/2006
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