Natural Rate of Rise in Leakage

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The natural rate of rise in leakage relates to the underlying rate at which leakage increases within a system. NRR is essential for determining the intensity of active leakage control that is required to maintain leakage at a specific level, and the range of methodologies for assessing leakage/cost relationships outlined in the Tripartite Report all rely on a robust assessment of NRR. As an indicator of asset condition, NRR is also central to mains replacement strategy.
This report examines and compares the theoretical and empirical attributes of the alternative NRR assessment methods, the 'burst frequency' and 'nightline' approaches, and provides a set of procedures which facilitate the derivation of consistent NRR assessments suitable for (i) area-level leakage management budgeting; (ii) targeting mains renewal; (iii) targeting active leakage control resources at DMA-level; and (iv) deriving leakage control cost curves for determining economic levels of leakage.



UKWIR Reference :- 05/WM/08/33Published Date :- 14/12/2005
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