Towards Best Practice for the Assessment of Supply Pipe Leakage

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A supply pipe leakage estimate is required for regulatory reporting. However, a more detailed understanding of proportion of total leakage that is associated with supply pipes will also improve operational allocation of leakage reduction resources.

A methodology is proposed that is based on the bursts and background estimate (BABE) method modified for service pipes and will allow consistent inter- and intra-company comparisons. The methodology can be applied with only basic levels of available data, but results will become more representative as company-specific data are collected and applied to the analysis.

The proposed approach cannot yet be regarded as definitive best practice as there is only limited data and experience of its application. However the framework provided is sufficient to allow best practice to develop. Approaches to further data collection are detailed and further research is recommended.



UKWIR Reference :- 05/WM/08/32Published Date :- 06/02/2006
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